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A review of “Where to invade next”

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Monsanto and Bayer Merger

Monsanto and Bayer Merger

  Bayer has launched a $62bn bid for the US base Monsanto group, hoping to form the world’s largest seed and crop Chemicals Company. Bayer has valued Monsanto at some odd $128 per share. However, in market Monsanto’s shares have been trading at $ 102.67 at the time of making this video. This deal may […]

Change in What’s app privacy policy

Change in What’s app privacy policy

What’s app recently changed its privacy policy. Get to know more about it in this video.

North Korea’s Nuclear Test

North Korea’s Nuclear Test

On Friday, 9th of September North Korea conducted a nuclear test for the fifth time on the country’s National Day. The only difference is that this time it was successful and much more powerful. This had led to outrage all over the world, with many leaders reacting angrily. China opposed the test, with South Korea […]

Scorpene Data Leak

Scorpene Data Leak

  India’s advanced next generation submarines, Scorpene data leak case has taken a big form. This is detrimental to Indian national security, even though government, navy and a bunch of old navy men think tanks would want to think otherwise. This leak also poses a threat to the commercial interests of French contractor DCNS, the […]

Burning Man Live Telecast

Burning Man LIVE Burning Man is both a celebration and a cultural movement; it’s a fiery symposium of ideas, art, and technology. These films capture the reverie and the reverence of Black Rock City and beyond; they focus on the hard work and community-mindedness it takes to raise a city from the dust and then […]



Michael Moore is an American documentary film maker. He is left inclined democrat and advocates for adoption of socialist values to be adopted in American system. In this video we review his documentary, “where to invade next?” Here he basically argues that America spends way too much on defense and should now start spending on other social programs that will help its citizens live a better life. For more, see the video!


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